COMMERCIAL Canyon City Veterinary Hospital

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The final exterior of the new clinic.

Entry to the veterinary clinic

Reception and waiting area

We built the new clinic behind the old clinic.

The new clinic overlooked the old clinic.

We removed the old clinic and donated all salvageable materials.



Exam Room No. 1



Operating Room

X-Ray Room

Parvo Isolation Room

Boarding Office

Kennels for Dogs

Cat Condos

Boarding Facilities

Outdoor Exercise Area

Dog Bathing Area

Building Specialties

Energy Efficiency

Central vacuum systems and fire sprinkler system main valve.

One vacuum for the operating tables.

You can take an x-ray.

And view x-ray during dental surgery.

We installed specialized lighting.

The cantilever supports the track lighting.

Thermal bridging eliminated by wrapping the exterior in Owens Corning sheathing.

Radiant barrier decking and sheathing forms a venting space between the rafters.

The "Water Furnace" geothermal HVAC consists of a heat exchanger.

The manifold.

The horizontal loop field.